If you need some extra help with using grammar and vocabulary to improve your speaking, this is the course for you. A person who speaks well is recognised and respected by others and feels much more confident expressing their ideas. If you need to upgrade your English expression skills, consider doing this 4 session special course.
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What you will learn:

  • These are private sessions designed with you, your job and your company in mind. In them you will learn…
  • How to improve the way you speak.
  • How to select and use correct grammar and vocabulary.
  • How to project your voice clearly in all sorts of meetings and situations.
  • How to develop a good working vocabulary.
  • Techniques to help you handle anxiety so you can think clearly.
  • Learn how to speed up or slow down, and how to use inflections and pauses to make what you say more interesting.
  • How to improve your diction and pronunciation of words.
  • How to deliver a clear message and get the results you want.
  • And much, MUCH more!

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Scheduled Elocution And Vocabulary (VEL)

CourseCodeDurationLocationCost (gst inc)Type
Elocution and VocabularyVEL4 x 1 hr sessions Sydney $1375Individual
Elocution and VocabularyVEL1 x 4 hr session Australiawide $1375Individual
Elocution and VocabularyVEL4 x 1 hr sessions via skype Australiawide $1375Individual